Feurio! CD-Writer

Feurio! CD-Writer 1.68

Feurio! is integrated software for creating audio CDs
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Feurio! is really multitasking: While burning a CD, the next CD can be read. If you have more than one CD-Rom, data can be read from multiple CDs at the same time; during reading the tracks already read can be edited.

Feurio! manages any number of projects (=CDs). Individual tracks can be freely copied to and from the projects, also the oder of the tracks can be modified easily.
In addition Feurio! can handle wave files on the harddisc.
The CD Writer need just about 4% of CPU time (Basis: 166 Mhz Pentium). This is just valid when using SCSI CD Writers resp. IDE Writers with Busmaster drivers.
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